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 Guangzhou Shanneng Mechanical and electrical Co. Ltd


Specialized in production of lightning rod tower and  lightning protection and grounding devices, main products are lightning rod,exothermic flux,exothermic mould, copper clad steel grounding rod,copper clad steel grounding round wire/stranded wire,ion grounding rod,zinc clad steel grounding rod,grounding module,long lasting resistance reducing agent,grounding bus,hardware accessories etc.

Affiliated enterprise:

Guangzhou Lantao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Specialized in lightning protection project design and construction,now the main range of services are:transformer substation lightning protection grounding,power station lightning protection grounding,wind electricity lightning protection grounding,metro station lightning protection grounding,microwave tower lightning protection grounding,industrial plant lightning protection project,school lightning protection project,tourist attraction,military industry,space launch etc.lightning protection projects.



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