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Guangzhou leisidun Electrical Technology Development Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing lightning rod tower and lightning protection and grounding equipment, the main products are Grounding module, Long-term reduction agent, Exothermic welding flux, Exothermic welding mold, Lightning rod ,Copper clad steel grounding rod, Copper clad steel grounding electrode, Copper twisted cable of electrolytic, Zinc-clad steel grounding rod, Galvanized grounding rod , Zinc alloy efficient ion grounding electrode, Zinc-clad steel grounding electrode, Grounding bus bar, Hardware and other accessories.
Our company is located in Site 3, No. 15, Cha dong District industrial zone, Dong sheng Road, Cha dong village, Dalong Avenue, Panyu. Implementation of scientific and strict management, with quick, smart reaction speed,strictly implement the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System, Ensure product quality and product development technology for sustainable development, always in the same industry leading position. Company with numbers of Domestic research institutes, Power Grid Corporation , China Railway Construction Company, Sinopec, Communications Construction Company, petrochemical companies, communications companies such as construction companies ... a long-term technology exchange and business cooperation, and other companies have reached a long-term technology exchange and business cooperation.

The company's production sites and office space area is over 2100 square meters, all have passed and achieved the product inspection report of national network Wuhan high voltage research institute, the fifth Ministry of Electronics Industry and Information Technology Institute and SGS International Certification Authority. Our products are widely used in the field of substations, power plants, wind farms, communication base stations, subway stations, oil depots, computer room, and financial data centers, airports, high-rise buildings such as lightning protection and grounding as an important material.
We are adhering to the "pursuit of mutual trust, excellence, confidence, and strive together" and lightning career development, Benefit of human society, "the corporate philosophy," good quality, reasonable price, perfect service "business purpose and constantly bring new products and excellent service for customer, build a trustworthy quality "Shield" brand, We sincerely welcome your visit and look forward to a happy cooperation with you , work together to create a new record in the cause of lightning protection and grounding, new achievements!

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